General: The Frostfell is a small expanse of barely habitable land that extends northward into the North Sea. Though they are often labeled separately on maps, the Frostfell typically encompasses the peninsula, the chains of surrounding islands, and the island of Skjarheim. To the south, the Frostfell is cutoff from the rest of the continent by the imposing Devil’s Spine Mountains.

Thankfully, the mountains somewhat envelop the peninsula, keeping away the worst of the cold and wind and turning the south part of the Frostfell into a semi-fertile basin that can be safely farmed (if only for a few months out of the year). The further north one goes, the colder and the least hospitable it gets, until the ground is barren, snow-covered dirt with the only vegetation being occasional patches of scrub brush. The north-most point of the Frostfell and most of Skjarheim is made up almost entirely of fields of glacial ice.

Creatures: Tribes of goblinoids and savage humans dwell in the southernmost reaches, clinging desperately to the narrow patches of habitable land near the mountains. They spend most of their time eking out a meager existence, sometimes raiding each other for slaves or supplies, but most of the time battling against the tribes of hill giants that live within the mountains or the rare frost giant or remorhaz that ventures down out of the north.

To the north, frost wurms, remorhaz, frost giants, and white dragons constantly battle for supremacy amidst the grinding glaciers.


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