General: Founded along the banks of the White Froth River and the Hag’s Eye about twenty-five years ago by Vorel Crakewall, the village of Hardeem was supposed to capitalize on the bounty of natural resources offered up the Witchwood, namely the expansive logging, fishing, and various mineral rights. Vorel, seeking a fortune a fate all his own, led an expedition of settlers from the city of Restenford. The town of Hardeem was settled where the White Froth River met the Hag’s Eye Lake. The settlement was a resounding success that led to a boom in logging and mineral exports that lasted for almost four years before a mysterious tragedy struck.

No one knows exactly what happened (though some undoubtedly have ideas), but one evening, every living creature within the town suddenly and mysteriously vanished. No bodies or remains were left behind, with no signs of violence or struggles of any sort. Food was abandoned mid-meal, valuables left behind, doors shut and locked. Scouts from Restenford were sent to investigate when word and shipments from the town suddenly ceased. Subsequent investigations could find no trace or evidence of what had happened. Over 150 people vanished without a trace in a single night.

Rumors swirl like tobacco smoke around the tavern tables in Restenford about what really happened, with blame falling on any and every conceivable target. A circle of druids, angry at the continual logging of the forest and pollution of the rivers, cast a powerful spell and banished the residents of Hardeem to a distant, fey plane of existence. The Marlowe family, jealous at the sudden success of the Crakewalls from the venture, engineered some magical calamity to bring ruin the Crakewalls, but the spell failed catastrophically, instantly slaying everyone within the town. A fey price enticed the town to join him for drinks, dancing, and revelry in his hall deep in the Witchwood and there they all remain to this day, still drinking and dancing, until one-by-one they slowly die from old age and exhaustion. Vorel Crakewall attempted to bind a demon to his servitude and the demon broke free, claiming not only his soul, but the soul’s of every one else in the town as well.

Creatures: Nothing natural calls the ruins of Hardeem home now. Even the creatures of the Witchwood largely avoid the place.


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